Should I Add Tech To My Restaurant 

“Why should I add a tech to my restaurant?” This is one of the most common questions asked by would-be restaurateurs. The truth is, as restaurant operations and tech advancements continue to advance, restaurant owners should be ready to embrace the technology and implement it into their business. Technological improvements can offer many benefits to a restaurant:


Digital menu boards. Restaurants have long relied on printed menus to inform customers about available dining options. However, more today, restaurateurs are turning to digital menu boards to attract guests and interact with them while waiting for tables. Digital boards provide more than just information; they can now also integrate with mobile apps, integrate with restaurant point-of-sale software, and offer coupons and discounts to complement the food and beverage offerings.

Kitchen efficiency. As food preparation, cooking, and serving processes improve, the restaurant industry will also benefit from technology improvements in the kitchen. Modern kitchens have become a gathering place for diners and a place for employees to discuss work-related issues or receive tips and ideas about how to improve kitchen operations. Technology can help you streamline your kitchen, so that the cooks no longer waste valuable time with repetitive tasks. A food processor or food chopper installed in the kitchen can speed up chopping and blending tasks, making the restaurant more profitable and reducing employee burnout. Some restaurants even offer kitchen consultation services to train cooks on how to use new technology.

More efficient guest service. While your guests do appreciate helpful service when they’re in your restaurant, if you don’t treat them well, they may be less likely to come back again. To encourage repeat business and keep guests happy, make sure your staff meets their service obligations, from the check-out stand to the front window to the warm service you provide when they take their order. If you can’t always be there to solve their problems, ask your guests for their input. When you have more than one way to resolve a problem, customers are more likely to come back.

Tech integration. Should I add a tech to my restaurant? Integrating technology into any business environment, whether restaurant or not, is a sound strategy. Restaurant management software makes it possible to seamlessly integrate your catering services, scheduling, reservations, messaging, and kitchen equipment. This will reduce menu inaccuracies and eliminate the need to outsource these services.

Should I add a tech to my restaurant? If you’re not already using digital media, such as digital signage, LCD touch screens, or tablets for tabletops, you should definitely consider adding them to your restaurant. Today, most customers prefer to order their meal on their cell phone, so restaurant tabletops that offer multiple functions (customizable display, menu, and payment options) will encourage guests to order without delay. Other factors, like wireless hook-ups for TVs in the dining area can also bring more guests to your restaurant.

What if I already have the tech in my restaurant? As previously mentioned, you should always consider incorporating new technologies into your business model when it makes financial sense. For instance, just because you have a great wine collection doesn’t mean you need to offer wine samplers. On the other hand, if you have a wonderful sushi restaurant that serves delicious sashimi, you probably don’t need tech that streams video to your TV. However, it’s important to note that tech integration can be expensive and may not necessarily yield tremendous returns.

Should I add this tech to my restaurant? If your restaurant offers multiple services, such as food preparation, cleaning, or dining, then a tech like tabletops and wireless TVs would be extremely helpful. On the other hand, if you’re simply looking to upgrade your customer service and cleanliness, it would be wise to keep things as is.

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